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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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legacy. >> looks like you and tiger got along. >> yeah. he's a good guy. you can get it today. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we are following several big y is including a crucial day in the battle over health care. what the u.s. supreme court will on.s >> and what is bringing the parents of trayvon martin to d.c. today. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, march 27. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist steve rudin. much cooler today. >> 20 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. make sure to grab a jacket heading out the door.
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definitely going to need it. will be below average for change. 1/7 at reagan national at this hour. freezing in winchester. cumberland. freeze warnings in effect for the entire d.c. metro area. the only exception would be calvert county and st. mary's county. national.reagan there's a cold front off to the changend west that will the dayher for tomorrow. sunny today, 52-57 degrees. wind will be out of the northwest at 5-15 miles an hour. first, lisa baden has a look at traffic. >> around the region, we are for theuiet right now most part. problems as far as interstate travel. 70, 95 between christmas and
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baltimore. travel times in our favor between fredericksburg and springfield on 95. headlights are northbound. red on the right headed southbound. near route 1 in college park on the beltway, they are removing outer loop between college park and new hampshire .venue -- they are removing construction. now to a news. >> montgomery county police investigating the stabbing after morning in the 2200 shorefield rd. in wheaton. non-life threatening injuries. >> the supreme court is taking up the heart of the challenge to health careama's overhaul. it will consider the
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constitutionality of the that americans buy health insurance. yesterday they considered if premature for them to go the case merits. >> if it is successful, and nobody will pay the penalty. >> i find it hard to think that this is clear. whatever else it is, it is easy clear.k that it's not >> pipa four justices are likely to uphold the law and two likely strike it down and 3 could go either way. >> now to the florida teenager martin. e inparents will b washington for house judiciary profiling andcial crimes. continue for an arrest in his death. >> the streets of sanford, florida, remain tense. cities across the country, calls for justice are as loud as ever. the rallies for the slain 17-
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old continue, new teenageron about the and new information about what told police have emerged. martin was suspended from school time of the shooting for with a plastic bag containing trace amounts of marijuana. >> they killed my son and now trying to kill his reputation. this router has not been charged, claiming self-defense. his attorneys say that martin e aggressor. >> he is apprised of the magnitude the, the way it has l issue overiona calling him a racist. incident began on the evening of february 26 when bought martin was suspicious and called police. him?e you following >> yes. >> we don't need you to do that. martin's girlfriend said that she was on the phone with him.
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zimmerman said that the teenager him, punching him in nose and slamming his head on the ground. and eye witness explains what he saw. >> i saw one person on the ground and they had on a t- .hirt >> light colored t-shirts? >> a grand jury will convene next month to decide whether zimmerman should be charged. >> closing arguments will take e today in the trial accused a man accused of killing his brother. his body was found near the columbia mall in august 2007. ali was arrested in georgia. they were cited for impersonating police officers at an arlington club. there will be extra security h school today after threatening graffiti was found in the bathroom. students at potomac
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school in dumphries callved a recorded phone notifying them there was a threat. graffiti and indicated a bring a gun to school today. there's no evidence this is a credible threat. >> don't be surprised if you see at the lottery counter today. drawing isllions tonight. the jackpot is $363 million, the third largest ever. your odds of winning, one out of 176 million. good luck. >> hotels and airlines are charging even more. that and a on of what wall street is expecting, linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. stock-index futures are a indicating a slightly higher open. we will get another 91 housing in a few hours. investors getting a report on prices in 20 cities including washington, d.c. here we go again.
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more fare hikes as the summer season is around the corner. spoke with a company that confirms united delta and u.s. looking at increasing prices. the main reason is rising fuel prices. hotel rates jumped more than 7% travel.ness and leisure that marked the biggest year over year increase on record. rates dropped 18 straight month during the recession. your next trip to starbucks may gave you no longer thinkin pink. the strawberry drink may have an interesting ingredients that linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. we are looking at 37 degrees. come, the latest on an arrest in the shooting of an gay man in columbia heights. l hear from the family of
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a woman charged in the attack. >> a new sex scandal involving kahn.ique strauss- the case is connected to the district. >> first, traffic and weather every ten minutes. it's tuesday morning. every ten minutes. it's tuesday morning.
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>> a cold start to this tuesday morning. colder than yesterday
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at this time. going on outside of temperatures. 37 at reagan national. wind at 15 miles an hour out of the north and northwest. temperatures are high freezing in frederick and gaithersburg winchester. until warning in effect 9:00. dropratures will probably over theouple degrees next few hours or so. calvert and st. mary's county. should not be a problem because of the warmer waters due to the pressur the extended outlook is coming up. have lisa baden with traffic. thank you very much. first, virginia, very nicely along 95, 66, nothing on theated to report dulles greenway, the dulles toll road. atmaryland -- southbound 270
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boulevard, there out ofrk zone leading but that will be gone very soon. is not having much of an impact. on the beltwayng overnight. leaving college park to get to hampshire avenue, all of put tonstruction will be minutes.few college park is moving nicely on the beltway. belt andt near green base.s air force back to you. >> thank you. it is 37 degrees. >> police ever least another clue in the search for a man who attacked a teenager near high school in fairfax. will show you a composite sketch of the man. >> the restaurant is catching a sandwich. why the ♪ ♪ pop goeslthe world ♪ it goes something like this
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imf chief dominique is facing new sec's charges. is accused of procuring rostitutes for hotel orgy paris and in d.c. and 20ries a sentence of up to years. the last year he was accused of raping a made in his manhattan hotel room. he still faces a civil suit by that hotel maid. police arrested a woman in on action with an attack outside a note was d.c. restaurant earlier this month. and some friends
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victim and his friends outside and i hop in columbia heights. they sputtered anti-gay slurs before gunshots a. i know she did not go in there anyone, because she f person. >> ype o the victim is recovering from a gunshot wound. carson is charged with aggravated assault while armed. two days prior a gay man and beaten. >> bouys hope this will lead to tried toof a man who sexually assault the woodson as shehool student along home from school pickett road last week. reported a mane grabbing her neck from behind and assaulting her. they struggled but was able to eventually get free. university of maryland medical center doctors will offer today about a face performed their last week.
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this was the most expensive full transplant ever done. 37-year-old patient received a full face transplant including the upper and lower jaw bones, teeth as well as soft tissue from his hairline to his neck. >> first lady michelle obama morning will help with the centennial tree planting ceremony. >> this commemorate the 1912 blossom the cherry washington.okyo to lady yesterday, local students held her to plant a garden, part of her y.itiative students eat health it is 37 degrees. >> one celebrity will kick off for goodcing shoes dancing.n ♪rolling on the river >> which stars did the best and are in danger of elimination tonight for. are in danger of elimination tonight for. >> and
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back on this tuesday morning. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. caskey is on vacation. have steve rudin in the house. >> it is a cold start to our tuesday. in maryland, 23 degrees in mchenry.
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29 in damascus. freeze warning continues. 37 in alexandria. warmer waters of the potomac helping. 37 degrees at reagan national airport. winchester at the freezing mark. the same in frederick. 30 in gaithersburg. resorting until 9:00 this morning, including all the surrounding the district. prince george's, charles, fairfax.y, albert and st. mary's counties are not included. dumphries warning is until 9:00. you will lose another couple degrees as we move through the morning. high pressure over yet. brings sunshine today. making itperatures only into the mid 60's. winds will be out of the north. making it to the mid 50's today. frost mainly west of d.c. tonight. tomorrow, a big warmup.
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70-75 degrees. look for afternoon showers and thunderstorms as a cold front moves through. is that moves by, skies will clear, then sunshine for the rest of the week. the left an update on our commute with lisa baden >> . they are rushing right now. issues to report as far as travel, interstate travel, if overnight construction put to bed. starting to hit the highway. 66, cumbersome on 70, 270, 81, and about 11. let's see how it looks across potomac river and heading washington boulevard on 395, beautiful. in rosslyn, ballston, con glebe 110 near the pentagon, quiet ride. and a picture of traffic coming of columbia, maryland. that is traffic getting away s on 29 heading into four
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corners. back to you. >> thank you. a georgia restaurant has d a sandwich that pokes krystal brown and rihanna that a lot of customers are not laughing at. >> chef richard miley of chops & and failedkinsville this sandwich of the week. they said that chris brown will be you up for eating a sandwich. number of customers were outraged. says that he has no regrets and that it will donate from the sale of the sandwich to an organization dedicated to stopping domestic violence. for bobbyrouble brown. zia's been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. chp said that he was arrested yesterday afternoon in the san "rango" valley. afternger was pulled over him talking on
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cellphone if without hands for unit and the appear to be -- he appeared to be impaired. >> tonight marks the first elimination for the new season of dancing. jbc shows us which stars ived on the dance floor and danger of are in going home. >> rochon fegan and his partner quickstep. the katherine jenkins and her partner got the same score with the giants. >> it was my alter ego. i don't remember anything. i came up and i said how did go? a> do you feel like trophy?r for the >> i think so.
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she and i are working hard. and william levy and maria , who danced with an injury. a great test of strength. think i can birth a child now. are happy to receive the of love we are receiving. a very driven donald driver. >> i told her we are not going anywhere. so get ready. >> he is followed by sherri shepherd in sixth place. and jaleel white in seventh place. tied in eighth place r. jack wagner and gavin degraw. actress melissa gilbert is at bottom as well as gladys y martina.llowed b >> i thought i was much more a ban lastrelaxed week.
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>> the dancing is done. the pressure is on. of the seasonle eliminated during results show. reporting from abc news in los angeles. >> that puts the pressure on them. to step mid to -- step it up. >> it is 37 degrees. >> a big welcome for a backup quarterback for the jets. >> a big welcome for a backup quarterback for the jets. we love gardening...
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>> morales is expected in support of an arrest in the martin. trayvon learn why his parents are coming to washington today. d.ore arrests are expecte >> and the supreme court is dealing with the battle over care.h c >> and a northern virginia restaurant is honoring tim tebow. atshington"g 5:00 begins now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> approaching 5:00 on this tuesday, march 27. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and minutes.very ten , butbaden in a moment first meteorologist steve rudin. >>


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